Citigate Commodities Trading LTD provide a diverse range of supply in commodities and investment strategies. Our services cater for organizations as well as individuals who seek to make substantial R.O.I (return on investment). Our diverse strategies cater for investors, commercial traders as well as retailers who supply products to end consumers.

Rough Diamonds

We have an immense supply chain in Sub-Saharan Africa who we source our rough stones from aswell as supply from our own concession. CCT has immense experience in the diamond industry as diamond dealers, equipped with premium technology and expertise to ensure the best and most profitable stones are brought to trade. We are also open to investors and clients who seek to invest in particular grade and specification of stones. We can supply P.O.P (proof of product), K.P.C (Kimberley process certificate) and all necessary documentation to ensure legitimacy. We are open to C.I.F (cost, insurance and freight). F.O.B (free on board) and Exwc deals with potential and genuine clients. We accept and are open to trade with banking instruments i.e. MT760 and supplying SCO (soft corporate offer) when supplying or brokering a deal.

Cut and Polished Diamonds

CCT supply the most luxuriously XXX cut and polished diamonds, we supply stones with explicit cut that range from all grades and levels of clarity. The stones in which well sell have been hand selected from our well experienced personnel from rough stages through to the finished product.

Our prices are the best based on the superior quality of our products and is backed with our efficient and cost effective service which ensures client satisfaction.

CCT has also developed a reputable supply chain of diamond dealers worldwide who have over 30 years of experience in the diamond trade. We have a sufficient enough source to supply specific requested stones from within the 4 corners of the world. We can supply at an extremely competitive rate, comparable to all diamond trading organizations and platforms globally.

For buyers who assign us a budget to supply them stones in bulk we are more than effective with our supply chain to meet our client’s needs.


CCT currently have the facility to export and supply gold, raw or refined, to various countries worldwide. The gold is extracted from CCT’s gold concessions in West Africa, which is processed by the Government gold and diamond office and then exported to the UAE. As a reputable and well-established company in the region, gold can also be sourced from various resources from our instilled associates to meet clients desired needs.

The majority of our able supply of gold is sold to our enhanced network that have already established contracts with, however CCT are still open to developing relationships with organisations that seek supply, whether in Doré or refined Bullion form, we can provide clients with their requirements.

CCT also provides solid investment opportunities in unparalleled business for those that are interested in substantial financial yields in a short turnaround. With the gold market continuously rising and an expected significant increase in demand for precious metals, physical gold investment and ETF’s can be a exponentially profitable way of diversifying portfolios via The Citigate International Investment Trust.


An off-take agreement is an agreement between a producer and buyer of a resource, most commonly in the mining industry for the supply of commodities. Let’s take gold mining as an example: the off-take will be for the producer’s future production supplied to the off-taker within an agreed time frame. This guarantees that the production from the producer will be sold prior to construction or development of the mine. In some cases the mine may already be developed therefore an off-take agreement will be for the production yet to be extracted.

CCT is open to negotiating off-take  agreements for long-term business relations from mining companies supplying raw commodities, predominately gold and diamonds. With the main focus on West Africa, CCT is happy to open negotiation within this region with large and small producers on behalf of third parties which will also include project due diligence and feasibility.